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Vision and Mission

OFF.M.A.’s targets

Since 1969 OFF.M.A. srl operates in the market in accordance with high standards of quality and values. Particular attention to the full satisfaction of the Customer in every phase of the works and a complete system of quality management characterize the history of our company and are the basis of the future growth of OFF.M.A. srl.


1. Consolidate the experience in the design and construction of metal structures that adhere to the specific needs of the customer and his production process

2. Develop and consolidate our ability to design and manufacture machines and mechanical systems, within the industrial sectors in which we already operate as a partner for metal structures.

Key principles of Vision:

Experience and professionalism

Technical and management skills

Respect of commitments



Our Mission is to always be able to develop a new project in a complete, rapid and effective way, based on the specific needs of our customers and our experience, giving form to a design and concreteness to an idea.


We therefore produce metal structures and machinery with the guarantee of:

1. Security (both in the realization and in the use and maintenance)

2. Quick intervention in compliance with contractual quality requirements.

3. Economic competitiveness.



For OFF.M.A. srl, the design and production made in Italy with raw materials of Italian and European origins is a competitive advantage which translates into:

- quality of the product concept (functionality, manuntability)

- product quality both in the raw material and in the processes that lead to the finished product.

- positive impact on the Italian territory, giving its small contribution to consolidating the virtuous circle of Friulian industrial production.