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Metal Service Center

3D laser technology

3D Laser plant

3D laser cuts on tubes and profiles on every kind of steel lengths up to 16 m with a width of 20 mm with a unit weight of up to 290 Kg/m on the following types of profile:


  • round tubes: diameter up to 610 mm
  • oval tubes: dim. section up to 500x300 mm
  • square tubes: dim. section up to 400x400 mm
  • rectangular tubes: dim. section up to 500x300 mm


  • section C profiles: up to 500x300 mm
  • section L profiles: up to 400x400 mm
  • IPE profiles: up to 550 mm
  • HE A profiles: up to 400 mm
  • HE B profiles: up to 400 mm

3D laser technology makes it possible to go beyond cutting and perforating operations to any type of complex processing – even on special and ad hoc projects from our Customer’s technical drawings.
OFF.M.A. srl boasts the most sophisticated three-dimensional design software and processing plants at the forefront of this type of technology, making it possible to manage any request from this sector.
The advantages of such a technology are numerous compared to traditional processing techniques, creating considerable benefits for the Customer: the possibility to offer a finished product with the execution of various processes (caulking, chamfering, slots, crosscuts, cuts with particular intersection shapes) without the need for further Processing.